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Ehwadiamond Ind.Co., Ltd.
Industrial Tools

Diamond Dressers

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Diamond Dressers

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Diamond Dressers

The importance of dressing and turning abrasive grinding wheels can never be over-emphasized. Dressing will restore the exposure and cutting ability of the abrasives on the wheel surface.

Dressing must be performed after truing or whenever the wheel surface becomes loaded or glazed, or has lost its cutting ability. Dressing removes the unwanted residue, such as braze and steel particles, from the wheel surface. Dressing also removes a certain small portion of the cutting abrasive. Truing is the procedure for eliminating any unwanted 'run-out' once the wheel has been mounted. Truing is best done wet.

Impregnated Diamond Dressers

Manufactured by sintering selected diamond particles with a metal matrix. Provides longer tool life and lower cost.

Single-Point Diamond Dressers

Used for dressing and truing conventional abrasive wheels. Used for rough dressing and truing.

Multi-Point Diamond Dressers

Ideal for dressing wider, conventional abrasive wheels. Ideal in places where diamond wears fast. Also ideal for dressing conventional abrasive wheels into concentric cylindrical multi-steps

Forming Diamond Dressers

Used for forming concentric multi-step or tap configuration into conventional abrasive grinding wheels.

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