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Industrial Tools

Electroplated Tools

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Electroplated Tools

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Electroplated Tools

Electroplated diamond or Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) tools are made of a single layer or multi-layers (depending on application) of either diamond or CBN particle that are attached to the tool surface using a nickel matrix.

This process allows for the easy manufacture of tools with different and complex forms and contours. Electroplated superabrasive tools provide high exposure and concentration of diamond / CBN particles, which make faster cutting than diamond / CBN tools made by other processes. This provides high efficiency grinding on steels, FRP, ceramics, and composite materials.

Electroplated I.D. Wheels

Used for internal grinding of cemented carbide, nonferrous metals and fine ceramics with high grinding efficiency.

Electroplated Cutters

Manufactured by electroplating diamond / CBN grits on to a steel body to form a single layer. Used for cutting and notching applications.

Electroplated File

With conventional steel files, difficult-to-file hard materials such as hardened materials, glass and fine ceramics, etc. are easily filed.

Ferrite Grinding Wheels

Provide high grinding efficiency and long tool life. Specially designed for form grinding of ferrite.

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