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Ehwadiamond Ind.Co., Ltd.
Industrial Tools

High Precision Tools

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High Precision Tools

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High Precision Tools

Diamond Dicing Blades

Manufactured with selected diamond particles with a metal matrix matched to the application. Provides longer tool life and lower cost.

Silicon Water Edge Grinding Wheels

Used to grinding the edge of silicon wafers.

Micro Blades

Used for high precision cutting of electronic parts.

Silicon Water Back Grinding Wheels

Used for trimming of silicon wafers.

Silicon Water CMP Pad Conditions

CMP pad conditioners are used for dressing poly-urethane based CMP pads. EHWA produces pad conditioners by three methods: BSL (brazed single layer) electroplated, NEW BSL type (double metal layer).

Diamond Precision Blades

EHWA diamond precision blades are specifically engineered for precision saws. Designed with various bonds and diamonds tailored for each application. These blades provide superior cuttability and life even on difficult materials.

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