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Industrial Tools

Vitrified Bonded Wheels

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Vitrified Bonded Wheels

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 Origin Korea

Vitrified Bonded Wheels

There is great demand for super abrasive wheels that have the durability of metal bonds but the free cutting action of resin bonds. These wheels must be durable with extended life and be self-truing and self-dressing in order to provide performance over long periods of heavy use.

Vitrified-bond technology is today's answer. A vitrified bond is actually a ceramic bond. It is extremely hard, yet free cutting, and combines the better characteristics of both resin and metal bonds. It provides a longer tool life, effective grinding, and high productivity, which provides maximum performance with minimum maintenance.

Cam Shaft Grinding Wheels

Grinding of diesel and gasoline engine camshafts.

Bearing Internal Grinding Wheels

I.D. grinding of bearing.

Compressor Bearing Internal Grinding Wheels

Grinding of ball screws.

Ball Screw Grooving Grinding Wheels

Grinding of ball screws.

Automobile Injection Nozzle Grinding Wheels

Grinding of injection nozzles.

Constant Velocity Ball Joint Grinding Wheels

Grinding of automotive CV joints.

PCD & PCBN Insert Grinding Wheels

Grinding of PCD, PCBN inserts.

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