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Ehwadiamond Ind.Co., Ltd.
Industrial Tools

Resin Bonded Wheels (Diamond tools)

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Resin Bonded Wheels (Diamond tools)

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 Origin Korea

Resin Bonded Wheels

Diamond centerless Grinding Wheels

Used for the peripheral grinding of workpieces and the mass production of true round parts.

Creep Feed Grinding Wheels

Used for manufacturing cutting tools such as endmills, reamers, etc. This wheel allows deeper creep feed and slow crossfeed.

Diamond Wheels for Grinding cable / Steel Combination

For grinding a combination of carbide and steel.

Diamond Wheels for Cemented carbides Insert

Used for grinding cemented carbide inserts.

Double Disc Grinding Wheels

Mirror polishing the workpiece surfaces of inserts, cylinders , rotors and vanes, etc.

Diamond Flaring Cup Wheels

Used for tool and cutter applications including sharpening of endmills, reamers, milling cutters and broaches.

Tip Saw Grinding Wheels

Used for sharpening the carbide tip of circular saw blade for cutting wood and gypsum board.

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